Michael J. Neumann


Hi… I’m Michael and sometimes I do stuff.

I’m a hobby runner and traveler based in Munich racing across the EU. Why? Probably because of the same reason George Mallory tried to climb up Mount Everest: “Because it’s there.”

Sometimes it’s hard to explain and convey ideas and motives that you can’t fully understand yourself. In the end you mostly never regret the things you do – only the things you didn’t do. It sure sounds like a cliché but certainly has some truth in it.

I first really realised this when travelling all across New Zealand which started this crazy avalanche of adventures.

I jumped off several planes and a tv tower, bungeed from the Kawarau Bridge, started paragliding, hiked across the Alps and now I’m running (half) marathons all over Europe’s capitals. In between I’m currently trying to take my kayak and travel the whole Danube from its source to the Delta.

All this started because my cousin wanted to visit the beach one day – and instead of only driving there, I took the (rental) car for a quick spin on the edges of the ocean.

Sometimes you have to take (calculated) risks. It’s quite easy thinking about adventures – or reading about them in a book or watching your favourite archeologist searching for the holy grail. It’s not that easy to actually get up and do something. So most of my time I just spend on the couch literally doing nothing.

Sometimes however I go out for taking pictures or stay in to catch up on my programming skills.

You can follow me on my adventures here on the Blog or follow me on Instagram or Twitter.